You’re Perfect for Your Purpose Encounter

A 4 hour workshop that educates, encourages, empowers and equips you to live life on purpose – your designed life. Some of the components of this workshop include – How Are You S.H.A.P.E.D. The Power of Focus; 7 Spheres of Influence: What’s Yours? Perception is Everything or Is It? Participants will experience a deliberate challenge to embrace all of who they are; dream BIG, and begin to live their lives on purpose.


Per person

Speaking Engagements

Linda is available to speak at your event, for more information please contact her at or 321.948.3376

Intro to Life Coaching

7 Mindsets of Masterful Life Coaches: Real Skills for Real Life Success, a one day event to introduce transformational life coaching. Participants will experience the processes of life coaching with a certified professional life coach to guide you through life changing experiences to motivate and inspire you to take action towards your heart’s dreams and desires.


Per person